Anti-Virus Protection

Every day Viruses are getting more and more sophisticated. No longer are they nuisances but some are even stealing and encrypting data. Ransomware is becoming a more common but nearly undetectable dangerous virus. You and your business needs to be prepared in case one of these viruses attacks. All it takes is one spam email or one clicked link that looks otherwise harmless.

So What is Ransomware?

Ransomware is a more recent type of malicious virus that blocks and encrypts your computer’s files until a “ransom” or certain defined amount of money is paid. One of the major problems is that only about 50% or less of those that pay the “ransom” ever get their files back. This is becoming a more and more common virus and businesses need to have an Anti-Virus and Backup solution ready in case one of these viruses attacks you.

ZenTek IT has Anti-Virus Solutions that can help your business combat against the various types of viruses out there. And not only can we set up Anti-Virus software protection, but we can also set up a backup solution that can protect you from one of these more modern sophisticated ransomware viruses.

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