Computer Repair

Is your computer is running slow or is giving you popups every time you click on anything? If so, you likely need a computer cleanup.

ZenTek IT has the tools to get your business up and running again. We have many methods and tools that can remove every type of virus and during our computer cleanup, we also use optimizing tools that speed your computer up and get it running at 100%.

We also have solutions if your computer completely dies and you are left stuck without one. We can either repair the broken power supply, motherboard, memory sticks, etc., or we can optimize you a new computer that will fit your business needs. We manufacture and sell our own computers that come with the highest quality parts. We also sell HP, Dell, Lenovo, or Apple if you already have a preference but our computers are tested and built with parts designed to boost your system’s performance compared to the competition. Another benefit to purchasing one of our computers is that we usually can deliver your new computer in a week or less, and sometimes within only a few days.

If you would like to contact us for a computer repair or cleanup, or a brand new computer either contact us via our form or by email at

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