ProE & CAD Support / Installs

Are you tired of IT Support contractors when you Purchase ProE or AutoCAD? We are local and can handle the installation, management and support of services for CAD Software. Our Services are designed for small businesses to ensure that Pro/Engineer and AutoCAD is setup properly.

ZenTek USA provides specialized IT support to CAD Businesses. This involves installation, support and management of Servers, Desktops, Software, Backups and other day to day assistance. We have nearly 20 years of engineering experience with ProE and CAD systems.

Our IT Support Includes:


  • Installation of Network including Pro/Engineer / AutoCAD Software and Licensing.
  • Network Management and support for all Cad Programs.
  • Supply of Hardware and Parts. We build High End Custom Cad Computers.


If you would like more information either contact us via our form or by email at

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